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Вопрос dealing representatives

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dealing representatives : Investment tools The investment is based on a set of instruments of its own and constitutes financial or real assets belonging to the ownership of investors. These instruments are investment instruments classified into two parts: Including the following: Economic projects: It is one of the most widespread types of material, and it is diversified in its commercial, service, agricultural and industrial activities and seeks to produce services and commodities that constitute the needs of individuals. Real estate: investments are based on two methods: Direct investment: the investor is buying a real estate, such as land and buildings. Indirect investment: is the investor’s purchase of a bond; through participation in an investment portfolio or banks. Commodities: These products are characterized by investment characteristics, and have their own markets similar to the stock markets, examples of these commodities gold and coffee. Financial investment instruments, including the following: Equity: The financial documents that are given to individuals who own shares of the capital of a particular company. These shares are divided into two types: The nominal value is the value of the share capital, the book value is the equity value of the share and not the preferred shares, but the profits and reserves. The market value is the price of the share sale In the capitalist market. Preferred shares are shares that confer on their owners their own rights, such as profit priority, and increase in the value of profit as a result of the liquidation of the company. These shares hold three values, such as ordinary shares: book, market and nominal values. Bonds: They are documents proving that their owners have certain rights to own objects or use specific services. They are also debts of natural or legal persons. Bonds include the following types: Government bonds, known as government bonds, are long-term and medium-term debt instruments issued by governments for resources to help them cope with inflation or cover the economic deficit. Bonds issued by institutions: are contracts between enterprises (borrowers) and investors (lenders). In accordance with this agreement, the second party loans the first party that undertakes to repay it with the interest on a specified date Izhevsk, Russian Federation Federation.html
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Как много тут янки развелось однако
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